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Interview with Mario Ochoa, Director of Operations at NAO Hotel Group, about Tata Tulum from Mexico

Tulum is one of the most popular tourist attractions, with its natural beauties, being home to Mayan ruins, and shopping & entertainment experiences that you can live in there. Tata Tulum is located in the middle of all these features. I talked Mario Ochoa about Tata Tulum.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum


by Melisa Kaya

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One side of Tata Tulum is covered by the jungle, and on the other side is the golden beach and the endless turquoise ocean. Tata Tulum is a hotel that shows its difference with its unique location and architectural structure. You can visit the famous Mayan ruins or shop on the hotel strip. You can also enjoy its beautiful beach and the ocean all day long. With its location, facilities, and services, Tata Tulum promises its guests an unforgettable Tulum experience. I talked with Mario Ochoa, Director of Operations at NAO Hotel Group, about Tata Tulum.

Mario Ochoa, Director of Operations at NAO Hotel Group

Mario, before talking about Tata Tulum, could you tell us about your background and your career in NAO Hotel Group?

Mario Ochoa, Director of Operations at NAO Hotel Group

I am an industrial engineer. My partner Jorge and I studied together the same career in Monterrey, Mexico. We have been in the hospitality business 17+ years and our other company, Sofa Entertainment (Restaurant and bar group) has 27 years of experience. We started NAO as a friend of ours, Miguel, invited us to be part of this project since he has experienced our dedication to hospitality.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Could you briefly tell us about the NAO Hotel Group? What are the advantages and responsibilities of being a part of a hotel chain?

NAO is relatively a new company that started in early 2017. But we have been experiencing hotel hospitality since long time ago. We had this goal around 2014 to get in to the hotel business in the near future. The advantages of NAO are that we know EXACTLY what we want for our guests to experience. We have the goal to deliver the best guest experience possible to our clients. The guest ratings let us know that we are on the right track. TATA is not part of a hotel chain, NAO is a company that manages the operation of different hotels. In other words, hotel owners or new hotels can get in contact with NAO so we can take care of the administration and operations.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum is located between the forest and the ocean in Tulum. Please tell us about your location.

Actually, it is between the jungle and the ocean. Our location is privileged because we are in the middle of everything. To the north, we have downtown and the Mayan ruins. To the south, we have all the shops, restaurants and bars. Our beach is quite unique from the rest since we are on a private coast having in front of the hotel the only "rock island" in Tulum which makes a perfect spot for pictures.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Could you tell us about Tata Tulum and the overall concept?

Our concept it's based on delivering to our clients that luxury and comfort is possible in Tulum. This due to the fact that Tulum its known for its eco tourist hotels and there are many travelers who love to be in Tulum but also love to be comfortable with hot water, AC and 24/7 electricity in the hotel.

TATA is an exclusive and luxurious adults-only beachfront hotel located in the heart of the mystical Tulum. TATA (Tahtli) means father in the Nahuatil dialect. Father in this context traditionally represents the sun. Therefore, TATA is the sun of Tulum.

Our main goal is to make your stay an experience to remember forever.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

You are located in a multi-part property. Could you tell us about your rooms and suites? What are their features?

Our property has 7 buildings each with 3 levels and a diverse category of room types that encompasses the whole Tulum Experience. Garden view, Ocean View, Oceanfront to name a few. Also, TATA is on a select group of hotels that offer Jungle view from a third level.

This area a some of our In Room Amenities:

- We have 100% organic certified shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and soap a custom fragrance.
- Welcome souvenir amenities.
- 400 thread count linens.
- Jungle rain bottled water (water that never touched the pollutants from the ground)
- Safe Box
- Outside rain shower
- Hot Tub (1st floor)
- Air conditioning
- Bathrobes
- Free Wifi
- Local artesanal beach bag
- Slippers
- Our unique creation, WhatsApp Concierge for any necessity you could have.

What kind of special services do you offer to your guest for making their stay unforgettable?

I guess what makes us unique above all other great hotels around Tulum is the experience we deliver. We have studied in detail all the events that our guests go thru since the moment they arrive at our property. I guarantee you that starting at check in all the way to your last day you will feel this experience and never forget TATA.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

In Tata Tulum, there is a restaurant and bar with no walls. What are their overall concepts?

The concept was to make a restaurant and a bar as near to the ocean as possible but delivering quality in every aspect. Quality in food, quality in drinks and quality in service. We want for our guests to feel the ocean breeze at all times while admiring the turquoise colors of the Tulum ocean.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Please tell us about your services and amenities. How could your guests spend time at Tata Tulum?

I guess people know what makes Tulum different and if they don't, they will feel it the instantly. Spending time disconnected from your daily routine is the best way to spend time in Tulum. Watching the ocean, reading, having great food and drinks, hearing to our special playlist, jumping into the ocean, walking the beach, swimming in our infinity pool while tasting our mixology based on local Mayan spirts and most of all, relaxing and charging your inner energy.

These are some of our hotel amenities:

- Oceanside infinity pool
- Rent free Amazon kindles for book lovers
- Board games and cards
- ATM USD and Mexican pesos in our parking area.
- Free parking
- Free valet
- Hammocks around the property
- Palapas with energy connection for charging your devices.
- Bar services from 8 am to 1 am (not common in Tulum to have a bar opened till 1 am)
- Drug store delivery
- 24/7 security guards. On the beach and on the street.
- Bike rentals in our lobby
- Outdoors barrel jacuzzi (hot and cold)

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Could you tell us about your beach? What type of events do you host throughout the year?

Our beach is different from most hotels in Tulum. We have a coast in which walking tourists, beach sellers or any activity really don't get here so it turns to be pretty private for our guests. We have a beautiful sight with this rock formation in front of the hotel. The color and calm of the ocean in Tulum is worldwide known.

We host some events like New Year's Eve with a live DJ. Every Saturday and Sunday we make a lunch oceanside grill with seafood that was delivered from a local fisherman less than 2 hours ago. That's fresh seafood believe me.

Starting February 2019, we will have a new night concept. Taco Tuesday at Luna Restaurant. Where you will be able to taste 20+ original taco recipes while enjoying our live DJ.

We also host a lot of weddings and retreats.

What can your guests do when they step out of the Tata Tulum and step into the streets of Tulum?

Cenotes!!! I discover cenotes a 3 years ago and I am addicted to this experience. There are a lot of things to do in Tulum and the Riviera Maya. You have really great restaurant concepts around Tulum. Also, the bar vibes are unique in Tulum. Most people love to rent a bike and to discover the hotel strip where you will find shops, gelato, restaurants and bars. In downtown, you will find many art shops from local artisans.

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

Which services and features of Tata Tulum make it different from other hotels in Tulum?

Our WhatsApp concierge service is great, and our guests love it. Also, since we have the restaurant and bar experience from our other company, most people say that our restaurant, Luna, has the best food and service from any other hotel in Tulum. That's what they say... I hope it is true.

Mostly what makes us different is that we DO deliver the experience that luxury and comfort is possible in Tulum. Guests that had stayed in other hotels rapidly notice that we are different in this aspect.

What kind of additional services do you offer for business travelers?

Working on your laptop with free WIFI, while sitting in the restaurant enjoying the view with a Mexican beer... can't get better than that for work.

How can travelers make their individual or business/group reservations? Do you have any advantage packs that you offer to your regular and long-term guests?

We always have the best rates on our website ( Also, you can contact us directly for special y discounts when traveling in groups.

Which is the top season for travelers who want to visit Tulum? What is the reason?

December 25th thru January 20th. New Year's celebration is a big tradition in Tulum. We get lots of celebrities, we have 100% occupancy and we also have lots of events going around.

What are the most famous attractions near Tata Tulum?

1. Mayan Ruins

2. Cenotes

Tata Tulum

Tata Tulum

If you have only one weekend in Tulum as a first-time visitor, in this limited time, what are the best things to do?

- Enjoy the beach as much as you can
- Rent a bike and get to know Tulum by bike is the best way
- Go to Cenotes. Try an open one and a closed cenote, they are really different experiences.
- Go to the Mayan Ruins (never go at 12 pm it's too hot)
- Go out to dinner at least 2 times, restaurants in the jungle have a great concept.
- Go to a Tulum bar in the Jungle especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You need to know where to go on the selected day.
- If you like road adventure rent a jeep and go to Punta Allen (1 hr away). It is a fisher town not that beautiful but you can cheaply rent a boat with a guide and go and see dolphins, turtles, snorkel in the reef and swim in a sandbank.

How do you describe Tulum in one sentence?

Unique beach town and unique vibe.

Anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

I hope travelers understand before getting here what makes Tulum one of the hot travelers' spots in the globe. It is really different from any other beach town, especially different from Cancun which must of the times they have this idea. Tulum is magical because of the way it was built and the mixture of rustic, artistic and jungle self-sustainable elements.

Thank you Mario for your time.

For more information, please click here to visit the website of Tata Tulum