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Interview with Gustavo Rubacha, Founder and CEO of EndlessID

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Gustavo Rubacha


by Mehmet Kaplan

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We use technology effectively in many areas of our lives. In general terms, we can say that the health industry is the most important pioneer in the development of technology. We can think that all of this development process is done by giant-sized tech companies, but this is not exactly true. There are also individual entrepreneurs who turn their experiences into a technology that will be useful to other people.

EndlessID is an idea that has emerged as a result of experiences. To learn about its features and benefits I talked with Gustavo Rubacha, Founder and CEO of EndlessID. Enjoy the interview.



Gustavo, before we start talking about EndlessID, could you tell us about your technology background and medical experience?

Excited to do so and thank you for this opportunity.

My background is in technology. I have over 30 years experience, where I’ve dedicated myself to developing products and technological solutions, that add value to people’s lives.

Although I do not have a background in medicine, at 37 years of age, I suffered from a health problem, which made me see that being protected in a medical emergency is something that can make a difference and, given my background, I immediately thought of how I could resolve this issue technologically. From there EndlessID was born.

We have watched lots of sci-fi movies; EndlessID is like a Star Trek movie accessory. What inspired you to keep all our medical information to a bracelet?

That’s a great example. I never quite thought of it that way, but it is. My inspiration came from my own medical emergency situation. I thought there has to be a technological and secure way for us as humans to share who we are, how to care for us, and who to reach when an emergency strikes and we can’t speak or act on our own behalf.



How would you describe the benefits of EndlessID?

EndlessID has several key benefits. First it’s an elegantly designed, smart medical band. That means it stores and can share information about your identity, your health, and emergency contacts when you can’t communicate it for yourself. Upon access, an instant alert with a GEO-location tag is texted and emailed to your emergency contact advising them that your profile was accessed and of your location. Also its battery free and water resistant, so you never have to worry about charging or getting it wet.

Is it easy to use? How does it work?

Yes, the medical band is quite simple to use. You start by creating an online profile of yourself and enter the information you would like a first responder to see. And that’s really it.

The silicone band sits firmly and comfortably on your wrist. It uses a technology called NFC (Near Field Communication), also used by Apple Pay and Android Pay for mobile payments.

If you find yourself in an emergency, first responders simply tap their mobile device against your ID bracelet to know who you are, what medical conditions you may have, and who to contact. An emergency responder can also access the same profile using a mobile Internet browser.



What type of information does it keep? How can we access to information?

Each EndlessID user maintains and updates a secured cloud based profile that is HIPAA compliant. It keeps information like:

  • Contact Info
  • Medical Conditions
  • Insurance Info
  • Emergency Contact
  • Your Picture

You are also able to upload documents.

The information is accessed by the tap of any NFC enabled mobile device, similar to what we do when we use our phones to pay for something. And you can access via any mobile Internet browser.

What has been the biggest manufacturing or engineering challenge you faced?

The biggest challenge was to develop a quality product, which is functional and stylish, and that people will want to wear and use. Many people with a pre-existing medical condition don’t want to necessarily show that they have a medical problem. The products in the market today do exactly that. Our vision for our product calls for a discreet design that people will like and want to wear.



What do you think about the future of Medical ID products and services?

Today, EndlessID has bracelets and cards available, but we are working very hard to incorporate new products, which make it possible for anyone to be protected at all times of their daily lives, regardless of their activity. We understand that it is not easy to have a product that everyone likes or wants to use, that is why we are developing new options. Unfortunately, we cannot share this information yet, but once ready we will count on you to be the first to announce them :)

On the other hand, we are also working, not only on new products, but also on improving and incorporating new functionalities to our existing line.

Who are you working with? Please tell us about your EndlessID team.

The key leaders on my team include Jennifer Rodriguez, our Marketing lead, whose background includes leading public relations and special events for the National Football League and building brands as an entrepreneur. Nelson Rodriguez, our Sales and Business Development lead, who has over 18yrs of entrepreneurial and executive level experience leading customer experience operations at a Fortune 20 firm. We also have a software development team dedicated to bringing our users the best experience possible.



What is the importance of social media for your work?

Social media plays a very important role in our efforts to promote and market our medical ID bands. It gives us an opportunity not only to sell our products, but also engage and interact directly with our customers.

EndlessID is a medical project but very stylish at the same time. Where can our readers buy EndlessID?

Our product is available for purchase on our website,, as well as on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, fancy, Newegg and pon. We have also just signed a distribution deal with Mr. Checkout, so over the next month expect to see the product in retail outlets across the country.

What is coming up next for you?

When we created EndlessID, we always had the vision that we not only want to make a successful company, but help those who need it and that is why we are working so that through our clients, we can support causes which help makes a difference across our globe.

Anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

You’ve done a great job with the line of questioning. I would like to add that with every purchase of an EndlessID product, proceeds go to lend support to a health and human service organization. It is important to us that we contribute to organizations that are dedicated to helping improve humans wellbeing.

Thank you Gustavo.

Video of EndlessID on YouTube

For more information, please visit website of EndlessID