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7 Best Bike Locks 2020

Anyone who considers cycling as part of their lifestyle has to protect their bikes from thieves. Choosing the best bike lock is an important decision they need to make to keep their bike safe.

Monday, May 18, 2020
Best Bike Locks

Best Bike Locks


by Mehmet Kaplan

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The bike has no locked doors that keep thieves out, or a key to start the engine. This makes the bike the most stolen vehicle in the world. This situation will take our freedom of cycling, or we will take precautions against it. Bicycle locks are the most effective way to protect your bike from being stolen.


There are also basic differences between each bike lock. Factors such as robustness, usability, ergonomics, design, ease of carrying are the features that are considered when determining the best bike locks.

Your bike lock must be too strong to cut with simple tools. If the lock system is encrypted, it must be too complex to be decoded in a short time. If it is a lock with key, the keys you use to open should not even be simple. In fact, both the body and the lock system should be very robust, but this is not enough to be the best bicycle lock.

You may be asking what's more critical than robustness when talking about security, but it's also important that it's handy. No one wants to use a bike lock of a heavy and big that is difficult to carry. I am sure, a bike lock that you have to carry in your pocket or purse is not your first choice. Small details distinguish the best bike locks.

In our active daily life, perhaps the most essential feature of the best bike lock, which must be hard to remove by thieves, is that it can be easily attached and removed by the user. When you stop in front of the coffee shop to get a coffee, you should be able to attach your bike lock in a very short time, and when you back, you should be able to open it immediately and continue on your way. If a bike lock wants to be the best, it should be user-friendly.


Whether our bicycles are steel, aluminum or carbon-framed, they are our precious ones. Of course, the best bike locks must have respect for the bike. The bike lock must not damage the bicycle in any way when fitting or removing it.

Each of the bicycle locks, which can be classified as U-locks, chains, folds, and cable locks, has different strengths. Bike lock brands are continually working to develop more robust and user-friendly bike locks. In every new collection, they come up with different and advanced bicycle locks.

We have brought together the best bike locks on the market and listed them for you. You can determine what is best for you based on the structure of your bike and the characteristics of the places you usually park. Remember, thieves are fast, your bike may have been stolen when you talk to your friend or when you go to a store to buy a bottle of water. Remember to use your bike lock even if you leave your bike for one second.

Table of Contents
Best Bike Locks 2020

Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4

Best Bike Locks - Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4
Best Bike Locks - Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4
Every new Kryptonite bicycle locks are the result of more than 45 years of experience. Created by Michael Zane's passion for cycling and safety, the U-Lock concept of Kryptonite bicycle locks has been one of the most preferred bicycle locks for many years with the robustness tested in real city conditions.
Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4 is one of the brand's newest locks. Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4 consists of a U-Lock bicycle lock system and a 4 feet Kryptoflex™ double loop cable designed to secure the front wheel and accessories. Made of 13 mm thick reinforced steel, the U-Lock is resistant to bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Weighing 3.15 lbs, the Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4, with reinforced disc-style cylinders and a central keyway design, makes it difficult for thieves to steal bikes. At the same time, it provides convenient use with its special transparent cover which protects the lock from dust, a design that reduces sound during transportation, three stainless steel keys, one of which is illuminated, and anti-theft protection offer. The vinyl coating is one of the user-friendly features that prevents the bike from being damaged in any way. Kryptonite The Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4, which reflects Kryptonite's 45 years of experience, offers versatile protection for bicycles with both U-Lock and cable.

TiGr mini+

Best Bike Locks - TiGr mini+
Best Bike Locks - TiGr mini+
Founded in 1993, Stanton Concepts is a family run business. Stanton Concepts, co-chaired by Bob, John, and Jim Loughlin, has always set challenging goals. Loughlin family has been dedicating themselves to developing innovative physical security solutions since the first day. The Loughlin family, which has succeeded in manage cooperation between generations instead of conflict, has developed many patented products such as luggage locks, bicycle security, truck and cargo security, and Electro-Mechanical Key.
The Loughlin family has begun to develop a bicycle lock that is robust enough to keep bikes safe, light enough to be easy to carry, easy to use, and as stylish as will not spoil the elegance of the bike. To do this, they based the U-lock concept and made some changes to it. They used titanium to increase strength and at the same time, make it lighter. They also developed a portable design in a bike-mountable holder for ease of carrying and the TiGr was born in 2011.
The TiGr mini+ is also a member of this bike lock family and was launched in 2017. Stanton Concepts introduced the TiGr bicycle locks in a campaign at Kickstarter instead of using traditional methods to deliver them to consumers through wholesalers and dealers and achieved successful results. Stanton Concepts, which won the RedDot product design award with the TiGr mini in 2016, offers users a combination of safety, ease of use and elegance with the TiGr mini+ which is weighing just 1 pound.


Best Bike Locks - OTTOLOCK Cinch Lock
Best Bike Locks - OTTOLOCK Cinch Lock
OTTO DesignWorks, founded in 2015 by a group of cycling enthusiasts and innovative product developers in Wilsonville, Oregon, specializes in bike safety products. The team working to provide intelligent solutions designed OTTOLOCK and presented it for the users to experience, and after the positive results, OTTOLOCK has taken its current form. At the end of the development process, the OTTO DesignWorks team created a lightweight, robust, quick-to-attach and easy-to-remove, easy-to-carry bike lock, which has become one of the best bike locks.
OTTOLOCK, which has a combination lock mechanism that does not require you to carry a key, can be used without any harm to the bicycle thanks to its outer surface covered with Santoprene. Its flexible structure provides great advantages both for easy carrying of the lock and for attaching it to the bike.
The interior of OTTOLOCK strap is reinforced with aramid fiber and multi-layer stainless steel but does not offer the same protection as a U-Lock. The manufacturer OTTO DesignWorks specifically states that OTTOLOCK is not an alternative to U-Lock, it is a bike lock that keeps bikes safe thanks to its easy-to-use feature only for short time use. Although OTTOLOCK does not offer superior safety in high crime level regions and long-term parking, OTTOLOCK is a bike lock that promises its user ease of use in active urban life. OTTOLOCK can be used not only to secure your bikes, but also to keep luggage, motorcycle helmets, skis, or other tools safe thanks to its flexible structure.

Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16

Best Bike Locks - Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16
Best Bike Locks - Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16
Named after a Swedish town, SIGTUNA is a Stockholm-based bicycle safety solutions manufacturer. SIGTUNA team, which aims to keep the bikes safe and protect them from thieves with the bicycle locks they design, gives their models the names such as Thor, Asgard, and Odin which are symbols of power.
The Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16 is one of the best bike locks on the market. U-lock made of 16mm thick square steel, and 1800mm flexible steel cable are offered together to lock the bike in a sturdy place and secure the important components of the bike with the help of a cable.
The keyhole cover protects the keyhole from dust and mud in bad weather. The lock is unlocked with the key and is very easy to install and remove for bicycle owners who are accustomed to using U-lock. Those who will get U-lock for the first time will learn the technique of using U-lock and flexible cable together in a very short time. This type of double-layer security locks offer better protection and intimidate thieves more. The Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16 has both physical and psychological advantages and is, therefore, one of the best bike locks.
It is possible to see the Scandinavian design approach in SIGTUNA's products, which implement a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. SIGTUNA stands behind and trusts in the quality of its bicycle locks. If you are not satisfied with The Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16, it offers a 60-day free return guarantee.
If you ride your bike in the city and have to leave it on the sidewalk in many places, you should take serious safety precautions wherever you park it. Both the U-bolt and the flexible steel cable pair, like as The Sigtuna Series-U Thor-16, are among the most robust of these safety measures. This system allows you to protect both the frame of your bike and all its valuable components from thieves.

Hiplok HOMIE

Best Bike Locks - Hiplok HOMIE
Best Bike Locks - Hiplok HOMIE
Ben Smith and John Abrahams, two bicycle enthusiasts, decided to combine their experiences and founded Hiplok in 2011 to create innovative bike locks. They developed the world's first wearable bike lock and gained recognition. After this success, they developed and launched many different bike locks. They create different designs for different purposes, and they always aim to provide the highest level of security. And they carry out the entire product development process in their headquarters in the UK.
One of the best bike locks, Hiplok HOMIE is an innovative product created with a different idea. Realizing that many bikes stolen from homes and garages, Ben Smith and John Abrahams decided to develop a solution to prevent this and Hiplok HOMIE appeared. They have developed a design that can be used by both those with a single bike and those who hold multiple bikes in their garage.
Hiplok HOMIE, which stands out with its 1.5-meter length, can connect multiple bikes together. The 12mm shackle and 10mm chain, made of hardened steel, form the main structure of Hiplok HOMIE and make it robust. These sturdy and rigid chains are covered with a sheath that prevents scratching of the bicycle frame. When it is not in use, you can stack it by attaching it to the special hanger that you will mount on the wall of your garage. And Hiplok also offers a lifetime warranty on bike locks. You will feel comfortable knowing that your bikes are safe when you are away from home or sleeping at night.

Abus U-Lock GRANIT XPlus 540

Best Bike Locks - Abus U-Lock GRANIT XPlus 540
Best Bike Locks - Abus U-Lock GRANIT XPlus 540
Founded in 1924 in Wetter-Volmarstein, Germany, ABUS specializes in the production of padlocks during its early years. ABUS has directed its experience gained over these years to the production of different security solutions. And bike locks became one of the company's anti-theft solutions. ABUS has proven that bike locks, which are properly designed using high-quality materials, can provide safety even in the riskiest areas.
The ABUS U-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540 is the flagship product of the brand's bike locks line. Securing mobile properties is a difficult task, and many factors need to be considered. ABUS, which includes U-locks, chain locks, and folding locks in its product range, aims to provide the highest level of safety with each product. The ABUS U-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540 is designed for the safety of bicycles that the brand classifies as expensive two-wheelers.
The 13 mm hardened square shaft and the lock, designed using the latest technologies, are the two most essential parts of the product. The power cell technology developed by ABUS protects the lock against impacts. XPlus cylinder also aims to break the hopes of thieves with resistance to tampering. The automatic keyhole cover also prevents dirt from entering the keyhole, and causing corrosion and allows longer use.
The shackle of the ABUS U-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540 is designed in a longer form, and it offers more comfortable and more flexible locking. ABUS, which specializes in the safety of expensive bikes, has created this bike lock, especially for high-priced bicycles. Recognized as one of the best bicycle locks, ABUS U-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540 has received seals of approval from institutions in many countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

Best Bike Locks - Kryptonite New York Noose 1275
Best Bike Locks - Kryptonite New York Noose 1275
Kryptonite designs some of the best bike locks, with 45 years of experience and results from live environment testing. The second Kryptonite bicycle lock on our list is Kryptonite New York Noose 1275, which offers more flexible use. One of the best bicycle locks, New York Noose 1275, can deter bicycle thieves even with its appearance.
12mm six-sided chainrings made of hardened manganese steel offer great resistance and strength. 2.5' chain length offers optimum usage, it is both enough to secure the bike wherever you want and easy to carry with you. Evolution series 4 Disc Lock, one of Kryptonite's highest performance locks, promises maximum performance. The reinforced disc-style cylindrical structure offers higher resistance to drills. Kryptonite engineers, who also protected the lock section with a sliding cover against dust and mud, designed a bicycle lock that can be used in any natural condition. The outer textile case also prevents damage to the bike and its parts.
Another factor that determines the quality of the products is the importance given to the details. Kryptonite is a brand that shows its difference with the importance it gives to the details. For Kryptonite New York Noose 1275, which is one of the best bicycle locks, one of these details is the keys. One of the keys to the New York Noose 1275, which comes with three keys, is the illuminated key that allows you to easily find and unlock the lock at dusk. Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 is an ideal product for those who love classic chain-style bicycle locks. Of course, classic doesn't mean old technology here, with innovative material selection and power-enhancing design details, Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 is one of the best bike locks.

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